Posted on March 11 2021

The grade 6 class is hard at work with Robotics! 

Parachute FUN!

Posted on March 10 2021

The kiddos are LOVING parachute games more than anything this month! You can't beat a smile that big!

Minute to Win IT!

Posted on March 10 2021

Jr High Students are winning a ton of fun in options this quarter with minute to win it games! This pencil flip was incredibly challenging! 

What is even happening here??!!!??

Posted on March 5 2021

Our junior high students are not immune to the school spirit! They are all backwards too! 

We are BaCkWaRds!!! and Mix-Matching!!

Posted on March 4 2021

We LOVE a spirit day to dress up and come together as a school! This Kinder beauty has a mom with some serious hair talent! 

NEW Newsletter Format

Posted on March 3 2021



Posted on March 3 2021

Grade 2 students working on a landscape using tempera paint. Our Art is brightening up our school every single day! 

Happy Valentines Day

Posted on February 10 2021

Kinder wanted to share the love in a COVID friendly way! 

I Spy

Posted on February 10 2021

It may be dark and gloomy outside but inside our building is fun and beaming with colors!  What do you spy with your little eye? 

Warming Up the School with Art

Posted on February 5 2021

A snowflake mosaic using cool colours, connecting the students pieces to create a mosaic.

Canadian Artist Inspired Art

Posted on February 5 2021

Wilderness Landscape Dioramas that Grade 6 made focusing on layering to create perspective. This art activity was inspired by a Canadian Artist Kelly Pousette, who uses cut paper trees, animals and people…

Flashlight Art

Posted on February 5 2021

Gr.2's created this art piece call 'Flashlight'.  Art at night captures the curiosity and surprise that a walk through the woods at night can bring. We read a story about Red Riding Hood, who used a…

Fancy Fine Motor Skills

Posted on January 28 2021

Kindergarten kiddos are practicing their fine motor skills with some fancy diamond art! How could this skill building be more fun?!?!

Showing Off Their Skills

Posted on January 28 2021

The grade 9s finished up quarter 2 options with building bird houses and tool boxes. They also created some incredible paint pour masterpieces. 

No Bigger Smile Maker Than Recess

Posted on January 21 2021

Our cohort recesses leaves LOTS of room to play safely with our friends on our playground in this amazing weather! 

Quarter 2 Options Wrapping Up

Posted on January 21 2021

We are wrapping up our quarter two options with lots of building, cross country skiing, paint pours, and baking.