School Council

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Chairperson:  Andrew Lortie

Vice Chairperson:  Cody Hogman

Treasurer:  Jessica Docksteader

Secretary:  Bobbi Delowsky

Fundraising:  Shelly Morken

KG Room Rep:  Elyse Vanderkooi

Gr. 1 Rep:  Chrystal Lind

Gr. 2 Rep:  Kerri Kinzer

Gr. 3 Rep:  Jenine Ruzicka

Gr. 4 Rep:  Lindsey Clark

Gr. 5 Rep:  Sheri Cherowka

Gr. 6 Rep:  Melissa Oberg

Gr. 7 Rep:  Cody Hogman

Gr. 8 Rep:  Bob Grove

Gr. 9 Rep:  Chrystal Lind

Student Reps:  Kiana Piche and Jenna Docksteader

JH Dances:  Kelly Walline, Tanya Piche

Staff Appreciation:  Bonnie Abbott, Shelly Morken, Sheri Cherowka, Jenine Ruzicka, Tanya Piche

Auditors of Financial Statements:  Cheryl Fee, Tanya Piche

School Council Documents